Galaxy Nexus…iPhone Killer?

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So I was checking my emails like I do every morning ( or and there it was… A message from Google advertising to me about the Galaxy Nexus. I had heard a bit about this phone and decided to look into it in a bit more detail. The phone itself is actually pretty decent! It has a wide screen and some amazing capabilities. A built in camera capable of a panorama mode that you just pan the phone around, an optional face unlock where you look at the camera and it unlocks the phone and Google + hangouts built in! Then something popped into my head. “Was this phone about to kill the iPhone?” To be quite honest I do believe that apple have some competition when it comes to the lightning quick advances in the Android phones. It’s no doubt that Apple are also keeping a close eye on this and will probably end up releasing the iPhone 5 as quickly as possible to stay ahead. I still do believe that you cannot beat the technology and effort put into the Operating System that is inside the Apple Products. The effort of design is picking up on Android phones too, as they do seem to be taking a new leaf. Yes folks, taking a new leaf. Not turning it over because then its all crappy..Instead they are turning over a new leaf. This is a vastly developing story so I will do my best to tell you all about it! 


Its official. The first Apple device of the year will be announced on March 7th. If you have been following me on Twitter (@thezacdes) you will know that I have been following this story particularly closely. From a few weeks ago I had news saying it was around the 7th and here it is! Following the invitations that are now coming in the millions on the internet, show that this device is the iPad. The official invite from Apple looks like this: 

So I’m guessing this will be the iPad 3 event. We all have been holding on for this device for quite some time, following the cheap price of the iPad 2 and the millions now owning one. No doubt Apple will make the price a bit more… I’m so buzzing about this event and will be covering the event LIVE on Mixlr and Soundcloud. We will also be on Spreaker so you will be able to listen to me and the team. We dont have a lot more info coming through about this event, but when we do. Keep it here.




For more info on this visit CNET also.


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Will we see a new iPhone on September 12th ??

Bloomberg and Reuters are the latest publications to confirm that Apple is planning to announce the next iPhone on September 12.

Bloomberg states 2 anonymous sources “with knowledge of the company’s plans” who say Apple will unveil a redesigned iPhone 5 on that date.

Reuters states a single source “familiar with the plan” who says Apple is planning to unveil a new product at an event that day, which it expects to be the next iPhone.

However, Reuters does note that its source says the date could “shift.”

iMore, an Apple-focused blog, started off the wave of speculation about a September 12 launch event, reporting on Monday that Apple would release the next iPhone and iPad Mini on that day. Other publications including AllThingsD and The Verge quickly confirmed that Apple would announce the next iPhone on that day, though no word on the smaller iPad.

If iMore’s original report is right, then Apple will end up releasing the next iPhone nine days after the launch event, on Friday, September 21.

Only get a 4s if you need one! If not then just wait until the 5 does come out! 

DEBATE: Black or White?

What can we be seeing from Apple?

Daily now I seem to be receiving emails, not to be telling me anything..but asking. 

More and more people are believing that September 12th is the magical date where we will be seeing something (or more) from Apple. It seems to me that Apple themselves are for the first time confirming this with heavy preparation and “products” already leaving the product line. 

What could we expect to see?

Its around the time that Apple would do its yearly Music event and refresh the product line in that area. If this turns out to be true, we could expect to be seeing a new iPod Touch, with an updated screen size and processor (Most probably Apple’s A5 Chip.) It also seems that they are ditching the idea of the small iPod Nano and retuning to the long design, reports also show that this could feature a physical home button, a thinner design and access to the App Store. It seems to me that Apple can’t make up their mind with the Nano as yearly its changing! And I have to admit I think that this is a good marketing move as it is attracting lots of people each time. Most probably the iPod Classic wont get an update along with the iPod Shuffle, popular with runners. 

It doesn’t seem to stop there, more reports show we could be seeing the next gen iPhone that WILL have a bigger screen (4inch), new design and new features (4G LTE expected.) Could this be true? Well to me it seems early but more and more of the same prototypes keep popping up along with reports that they are already are shipping these and getting them ready. I still believe that we may be seeing the new iPhone..or whatever they decide to call it in October. Keeping in time with the iPhone 4S. The iPad mini is another BIG speculation that people are excited about. It seems likely that Apple would release a smaller version.. preferably 7 inches to try and dominate the market of smaller tablets. Like the Kindle Fire (also speculated to be having a redesign) and Nexus 7. Retina display seems likely, but it will probably be cheaper and have some “special” features. We haven’t heard much about the iPad mini at all compared to speculations about other products.

No there will be no New iPad, Apple “TV” just yet..and next year is when the Mac Pro gets a redesign. However, expect more features announced for IOS 6 and iTunes..oh and the KILLING of the FAIL Ping. 

In all fairness..

JUST WAIT! Its not that long and I very much doubt that Apple will be saying anything until about 2 weeks before an event.. Reason for me writing this post is plainly based on sources and my thoughts. If this event does take place the release date for the iPhone 5 is said to be the 21st September. 

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