Will we see a new iPhone on September 12th ??

Bloomberg and Reuters are the latest publications to confirm that Apple is planning to announce the next iPhone on September 12.

Bloomberg states 2 anonymous sources “with knowledge of the company’s plans” who say Apple will unveil a redesigned iPhone 5 on that date.

Reuters states a single source “familiar with the plan” who says Apple is planning to unveil a new product at an event that day, which it expects to be the next iPhone.

However, Reuters does note that its source says the date could “shift.”

iMore, an Apple-focused blog, started off the wave of speculation about a September 12 launch event, reporting on Monday that Apple would release the next iPhone and iPad Mini on that day. Other publications including AllThingsD and The Verge quickly confirmed that Apple would announce the next iPhone on that day, though no word on the smaller iPad.

If iMore’s original report is right, then Apple will end up releasing the next iPhone nine days after the launch event, on Friday, September 21.

Only get a 4s if you need one! If not then just wait until the 5 does come out! 

Zac des’ Open Letter

I think if you don’t fit into a certain box, wear certain clothes, listen to a type of music or hang with a certain group then you are a no. Everything is either yes or no, nothing in the middle and it’s sad really because people are often forced to become what they don’t want to. They become what is found to be acceptable there and then. Remember, it’s not forever and you just hold tight, once you’re out you can go anywhere and do anything.

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